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Anime-Inspired Adult Toys

Step into the world of OwOToyz – where over a decade's worth of experience in engineering, product design, and sculpture comes to life.


Fueled by a passion for excellence and the exquisite, OwOtoyz bridges the gap between fantasy and reality through the use of digital sculpting, advanced 3D printing technologies, and meticulous craftsmanship - affording us the opportunity to craft anime-inspired adult toys that embody your deepest desires.

Pleasured Aya-Chan

Quality Craftsmanship

Our meticulously crafted adult toys not only showcase stunning attention to detail but also highlight our anime-inspired style. We prioritize quality and safety - ensuring that our product and the materials they use meet your high standards for what a high-quality toy is.

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100% Platinum Silicone

00-20 SuperSoft



Certified Skin-Safe

Multiple Firmness Options

Durable &
Long Lasting

4.9 out of  5.0

400+ Etsy Sales

Item Quality


Customer Service




(based on 175 reviews)

Customer Reviews

"This is my new favorite toy! It is beautifully crafted, the detail is breathtaking, and the soft firmness has good give without being too squishy or floppy."

"Excellent toy with perfect softness and detail which was better than the pictures illustrated!"

"Really nice quality piece. I got the soft and if I could go back I’d probably get the firmer silicone, but if you’re looking for soft and silky, this is the one."

Discreet Shipping

Enjoy discreet shipping on all orders, available for both national and international delivery.

*(Some countries not included due to local import laws regarding sex toys - Check your local import laws for details)

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